WAUDOG® collars and leashes

Ring-shaped retractable leash

The unique WAUDOG ring-shaped retractable leash will completely change your idea of comfortable walking your pet!
Thanks to an innovative patented design, the weight center is shifted to a handle. It reduces the stress on the human hand and ensures maximum comfort even during the long walks.

Our WAUDOG Design products are made from quality genuine leather, decorated with colorful wear-resistant patterns. With their bright and attractive patterns, these products simply can’t go unnoticed by anyone who sees your pet. Fashionable exclusive designs will please even the most demanding customers and will certainly become best sellers.


Our WAUDOG Nylon series with QR pet tag is made of high quality wear-resistant nylon, using durable plastic and metal hardware. The nylon series includes two types of products: collars and leashes with fashionable bright patterns and collars and leashes that glow in the dark.

We offer a wide range of bright designs in the new Nylon series.  These collars and leashes will allow you to create an attractive display of goods at the point of sale and attract the wide range of customers.

Our new WAUDOG collars and leashes are made from innovative COLLARTEX material. The main advantages of this material are its durability, softness, and water resistance. With the combination of high-quality and stylish hardware, available in titanium gray, the leashes, and collars of the new series are unique. The Waterproof series is presented in 7 bright colors. One of them even glows in the dark!

Our Classic leather collars and leashes acquired an updated look, thanks to our unique color range.

Most popular model + most stylish colors = successful sales.

Our WAUDOG Glamour collars are a combination of genuine leather and attractive design with bright fashionable colors.

Our WAUDOG Soft collars and leashes offer a classical collection of colors made from some of the finest leather in the world.

PULLER® tools and toys for dog’s fitness

Due to the two rings concept, it provides daily active training and gives an opportunity to participate in DOG PULLER competition for dogs of any breed and their owners.

20 minutes PULLER training = 5 km of intense running.

Dog Puller — is a universal dog sport based on a series of exercises with PULLER: running and jumping. The first world championship was held in October 2018, in the Czech Republic (Prague), and the second — in September 2019, in Hungary (Sopron).

LIKER — a ball that has no competitors. It accumulated all the best qualities that you won’t find in any other ball.

The LIKER Lumi ball is a combination of the standard LIKER ball with a “glow in the dark” cord, it is great for playing with pets at any time of day.



FLYBER is the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners. Due to the optimal size, unique shape and material, it is excellent for playing with dogs of different breeds and sizes. It is very durable and can be bitten by dogs. FLYBER can be easily picked up from the ground and be thrown again and again.

EVOLUTOR® - the most durable collars and leashes with Global Lifetime Warranty

EVOLUTOR – our most durable collars and leashes with a lifetime global warranty

Our EVOLUTOR collars and leashes are built with aerospace aluminum. They have an internal reinforcing layer allowing them to withstand a load of 1100 pounds. A unique texture prevents the leash from slipping even when it is wet. To increase the strength and service life, the collars & leashes are sewn with a KEVLAR thread.

EVOLUTOR – innovation in every detail.


AiryVest® dog's apparel

AiryVest apparel for dogs.

AiryVest – the world’s lightest dog jacket. Multi-seasonal design. Reversible construction – two jackets in one.

The main distinctive feature of the Lumi series will amaze your customers: these jackets glow in the dark! 30 minutes of light is enough to make it glow in the dark.

Our AiryVest UNI dog jackets have a unique feature: one size fits dogs of different sizes (chest & neck). The innovative design of these jackets allows them to stretch an extra 20%.

SuperCat® cat litter

SuperCat cat litter is an ecologically clean and environmentally friendly litter made from processed wood fibers without chemical additives. The granules in the litter have a tubular structure. SuperCat granules quickly absorb liquid. Due to the compressed form of the granules, they quickly expand and reliably lock the odor.

AquaLighter® aquatic products

AquaLighter is a set of aquarium products, designed based on the extensive aquarium experience of our engineers and aquarium lovers. Our designs reflect the latest achievements in saltwater and freshwater aquarium husbandry. Each product has its own unique features that are superior to similar products on the market due to its expert design. Our AquaLighter aquarium products are created to light your tank and not distract one from the beauty of the underwater world.

Each of our SETs is aquarium kits for keeping small fish, shrimp and simple aquarium plants. Each set is completed with an aquarium, AquaLighter LED lamp, a filter, a glass cover, and a polyurethane foam pad.

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